Melting Antarctic ice sheets could affect Galveston’s beaches

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GALVESTON, TX – The Antarctic ice sheets are acting like the wicked witch of the West. Yup, they’re melting and have passed the point of no return.

Julia Wellner, Assistant Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston explains, “Any coastal area undoubtedly is going to become more and more susceptible to flooding over the decades. The west end of Galveston is very low lying and the houses there will become more and more subjected to storms and hurricanes as sea level comes up.”

A combined study by the University of Washington, UC – Irvine and NASA says global sea levels are expected to rise 4 feet or more in the next few centuries.

Some coastal communities around the world may become uninhabitable.

In Galveston, residents are concerned about the future of their community.

“The island is what we come here for to enjoy. If it`s not here, our children and grandchildren won’t be able to enjoy the island,” said Galvestonian Keith Alexander

Though some say, if the surf’s up it will be a swell ride!

“It might be good for us surfers though, because it might mean bigger waves and some better times but no, Galveston is a great place and it would be a shame to see places like this having less sustainable life styles,” according to Benjamin Pei.

Not anything we may have to worry about right now, but something that may change how our kids and grand-kids know the Gulf Coast.

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