We will survive the wet weather, Houston!

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HOUSTON, TX – Just as we expected, the water falling from the sky had to go somewhere, and the ground seemed like the most reasonable place to fall.

As usual though, the streets filled up fast resulting in, “The Great Houston Floods of May, 2014.”

Cars could be seen creeping through water just hoping to make it out on the other side of the big puddles. Some cars were even forced to stop, and reverse! Others were too afraid to face the fierce floods that lie ahead.

The most unfortunate drivers were left completely out of commission thanks to the make-shift river that took over Fondren at 59.

Like angels in the night, tow trucks came through to deliver the stranded drivers from the dangers of the drain-less Houston roads. Side walks and medians were flooded.

There is a bright side. Wednesday’s supposed to be fantastic! Cooler, drier air is on its way!

So, stay strong Houston because we’re wet-weather survivors and we will recover.

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