Christopher Columbus’ ship the Santa Maria might be found

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HAITI – In 1492 it sailed across the ocean blue, then promptly sunk. Christopher Columbus’ main ride, the Santa Maria may have been found after falling to the bottom of the sea more than 500 years ago! An expert shipwreck explorer believes he’s spotted the final resting place of long lost ship and if it is what he says it is, it looks like a pile of rocks.

Columbus is recognized by many as the Italian man who discovered the new world (well, way after it’s native inhabitants and the vikings) set sail for the Spanish to see what was on the other side of the world.

Clearly, none of his vessels (his saintly named flagship nor the non-saintly and rather slutty sounding Nina and Pinta) had any GPS on-broad since Columbus was really hoping to get to India; but headed to the Caribbean instead. It was there that the Santa Maria was lost at sea, possibly until now.

Looking at Columbus’ diary for clues to the missing ship, led the explorer to the coast of Haiti. So there you go, a 500-year-old boat might be found, but a modern day airliner is still missing. Hope that doesn’t take centuries to find.

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