Loophole in breastfeeding law may be overturned

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DENTON, TX – You know what they say: milk – it does a body good! And Texans agree. Sort of.

While Texas law gives women the right to breastfeed in public, it also allows private business owners to refuse service to anyone for any reason – a loop hole, some say, allowing businesses to kick breastfeeding moms to the curb.

“Why penalize a human for doing what humans – especially females – were designed to do with little babies?” Houstonian Kat Behaine wonders.

Now students at the University of North Texas are trying to change that. When Nurture Calls is a campaign created by art students to shine light on the lactose loophole and support House Bill 1706 which would give breastfeeding moms legal protection in privately-owned businesses.

“I don’t think there’s a reason for them to refuse service for women who are breastfeeding,” bill supporter Laura Beatty says, “it doesn’t even seem like an issue.”

“Given the medical evidence that shows all of the positive results of breastfeeding,” Sonya Stokes says, “it seems like, societally it’s in our best interest to allow mothers to breastfeed wherever is convenient for them instead of limiting that access.”

The message the students are hoping to portray is simple: would you want to be forced to eat in a bathroom stall? Looks like an A+ for the students, but the final exam will be in 2015 when HB 1706 hits the house floor.

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