More than 120 cars submerged beneath Houston bayous

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HOUSTON, TX – How’s this for eerie: miles and miles of water, dark and murky, flowing in and out of Houston every day. And beneath it all, a secret. Hundreds of cars, silent and rotting, slowly sinking into the mud and silt of Houston’s bayous.

Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller says two years ago, while searching for a missing elderly woman who disappeared while driving, he and his sonar team discovered more than 120 cars submerged in Houston’s waterways. It’s disturbing because of what may be inside many of them – bodies.

“It’s not the idea “if” any bodies are in these vehicles, there’s a very high percentage there’s going to be,” Miller says. He also says that when he went to police with the info. The Houston Police Department told him to shut up about it because they didn’t have the money to investigate all of them.

HPD say they know about most of cars rotting beneath Houston’s bayous and have investigated several more since Equusearch’s discovery with no bodies turning up. But still, discoveries like one in North Dakota last month where the remains of two teen girls missing since 1971 were found behind the wheel of a Studebaker submerged in Brule Creek more than 43 years make you wonder what things lie just beyond the waters of our own fair city.

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