Church folks getting “turnt up” at Christian nightclub

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HOUSTON, TX – Sunday nights, when church is over, church folks are heading out to a nightclub on Almeda Road. During the week it’s Club Manhattan, but on Sundays, under the guidance of KCOH radio host Jerri P. Beasley, it transforms into “The Difference.”

What’s the difference, you ask? It’s hip-hop, reggaeton, dancing, freestylin’ and folks are having a blast without any smoking, cussing, drugs or alcohol. Occasionally, you’ll even see an altar call where folks come up and turn their lives over to Jesus Christ.

Club owner Kevin Martin says he teamed up with Beasley to give back to the community, “I think a lot of them come out of curiosity because the word is going out over town now with what’s going on over here. And it’s like, ‘That can’t be happening in a club.'”

Jerri says church folks are sometimes hesitant about the whole idea, “It takes about 10 minutes before they realize, ‘You’re okay. You’re not going to go to hell.'”

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