Energy Corridor’s 10th Annual Bike to Work Day

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HOUSTON, TX – If you thought traffic was lighter than usual on your way to work this morning, you may want to tell the Energy Corridor District, “thanks!”

The Energy Corridor District hosted its 10th annual ‘Bike to Work’ event; an event encouraging commuters to ride their bicycles to work and reduce our carbon footprint.

“It’s all about encouraging bicycling as a great form of recreation, but maybe more importantly an alternative form of transportation,” says Mark Klein, of the Energy Corridor District.

We caught up with a group of commuters in the Heights, who traded their steering wheels for a set of handle-bars.

Bryan Gorrel says, “This is my 2nd year officially with this group, but I’ve been commuting into work for about the last 10 years.”

Ten years!? that’s a lot of pedaling.

If you didn’t participate today, that’s okay! Start any day! The Energy Corridor has it all mapped out for ya — literally. You can go to their website and download a map of bike-friendly routes.

Klein adds, “if we can get a few people to ride their bikes couple times a day in the Energy Corridor, it could really help improve mobility, but it’s just a fun way to start the day.”

You still gotta ride back home, that’s ‘no bueno’ after a long day at the office. On the bright side, it still beats sitting in traffic.