NASA finds giant square hole in the sun

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CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – We’ve heard of black holes before, but there’s a new hole that’s getting lots of attention, except this one isn’t in the middle of space.

The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory found the strange coronal hole in the sun. Perhaps the most fascinating feature is that it’s shaped like a square. But before you go get your end of the world emergency kit ready, not to worry. NASA says the hole will have no impact on Earth.

But it’s still got us regular folks asking, what the heck is a coronal hole? NASA says it’s an area where the solar wind streams out of the sun at a really fast speed. They occur when the sun’s magnetic field is open to interplanetary space.

As strange the square-shaped one seems, the holes are that uncommon. Such holes appear at any time in the solar cycle, but are most common during the declining phase of the solar cycle.