National September 11 Memorial Museum opens its doors

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NEW YORK, NY – With reverent and emotional fanfare, the National September 11 Memorial Museum opened its doors and reopened the memories of that day for survivors, families and rescuers.

Todd Beamer died trying to take back hijacked United Airlines flight 93 that crashed at Shanksville, PA. His father spoke about Todd’s watch, calling it a good watch that did what it was supposed to do. “But it doesn’t tell what time it is anymore… So this marks the time that the successful counterattack on Flight 93 ended.”

“We stand in the footprints of two mighty towers graced by the rush of eternal waters,” noted President Obama. “We look into the faces of nearly 3,000 innocent souls… Here, we tell their story so that generation yet unborn will never forget.”

Although some family members protested moving remains back under ground, and the commercialization of the site, it still provides an opportunity to remember there was a time when we put aside the issues that divide– politics, religions, sexual preferences and races and became one nation, indivisible, in search of closure and justice for all.