Pricey Google Glass goes on sale to the public

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HOUSTON, TX – For the first time since their one-day only sale on April 15th, you can buy Google Glass. The fancy headgear that connects to a mobile device and allows you to take a picture, shoot video, or get a heads up display for directions, sending a message, make phone calls or participate in Google Hangouts.

Now don’t get too excited. You’re still buying an unfinished product, and speculators believe it will cost a third of today’s $1500 price tag when they finally work out all the kinks.

But isn’t it cool to be first? The Houston Zoo has one. They’ve been showing you a behind the scenes look at giraffes, bats and leopards through the eyes of the keepers there at the zoo.

Still – not everyone, especially those that covet their privacy, is crazy about the glasses.

Heck – they’ve already caused a bar fight in San Francisco. Who knows what other wildlife we’re going to get to see thanks to these things?