Restaurant rewards family with ‘well-behaved kids’ discount

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CALGARY, CANADA – Canadians Daley and Alicia Welsh enjoy dinner with their 1-year-old daughter at Carino’s Japanese Bistro in Calgary. Only when the bill comes, these proud parents were served a delicious $5 discount for their toddler’s good manners.

The bistro owner Toshi Karino says, “We don’t say anything, we don’t let the customers know. We just say thank you when we hand over the bill.”

What a great idea to come up with a unique solution to reward parents with well-behaved children; but it is a bad idea to post the unique solution on social media for everyone to see. Most parents consider their kids perfect angels and may take offense to the restaurant labeling their children as bad.

Karino’s might want to rethink this one before someone sinks their teeth in to them. Bon appetite kiddos.