Shaping Healthy Choices program puts kids on a healthy path

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SARAMENTO, CA – Getting kids excited about a healthy diet is certainly harder than it sounds, but definitely possible!

Some schools in the Sacramento area got help from nutritionists at UC Davis with the ‘Shaping Healthy Choices’ program. The goal is to make kids reach for an apple instead of that bag of chips.

We Skyped with Rachel Scherr, a researcher at UC Davis, about the experiment.

Scherr said that the goal of the program was to help the kids make better choices. It’s best not to tell them what to do, but teach them the value of fruits and vegetables, physical activity and healthy behaviors.

It’s more than just lectures. The kids grow their own fruits and vegetables, making them excited about the things they are eating.

Ultimately, the researchers hope for the Shaping Healthy Choices program to be spread nationwide.