Houston eatery pays homage to classic spaghetti westerns

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HOUSTON, TX – Hey Houston. Like westerns? We’ve got a place that’s right up your alley. And odds are, you’ve probably driven right by it for years. Welcome to the Spaghetti Western.

“It’s funny because, I didn’t know what spaghetti westerns were,” owner Jennifer Figueroa laughs, “and I’m surprised at the number of people who also do not, but we’ll have people that come in and they’ll go, ‘do you have chips and salsa?’ and we’re like, ‘where do you get chips and salsa out of spaghetti and western?'”

No chips and salsa, but how about Italian nachos? Or handmade pizzas known affectionately as the Good, the Bad and the Ugly? The place on Shepherd has been turning out southwest and Italian favorites for fourteen years. And the restaurant is an homage to Sergio Leonne and Hollywood’s classic Spaghetti Westerns. And Chew on This: come by on a Friday night and you might get treated to a movie while you chow down.

“Lupe who’s my bartender at night, he’ll pick a theme for the week,” Figueroa explains, “and if it’s like, Halloween week, he’ll come in with the Halloween movies or Freddy Kruger, or whatever – Fourth of July week he’ll bring in Independence Day.”

And don’t forget, those good old Spaghetti Westerns.

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