Advice Columnist’s Response to ‘Sad Sister’ Goes Viral

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An advice columnist gives one of the best responses in history!

New York Times best-selling author and syndicated columnist of “Ask Amy” got a letter from someone calling themselves “Sad Sister”.

So why was she sad? She was having a problem because she excluded her sister “Wendy” from a by weekend shopping excursion that included her cousins and some other family members.

Why was Wendy excluded? The Sad Sister lists some reasons:

1. Wendy is a divorced, single mom, while the others are married, stay-at-home moms.
2. Wendy does not have as much money as the rest of them.
3. Wendy does not have the same interests as them, and whatever interests she does have they find boring.
4. Wendy does not go to church as much as the rest of the group.

No surprise, Wendy was very hurt that she was excluded and after confronting her “Sad Sister” she has cut off all communication:

“She takes it very personally…

Now she barely speaks to me and has told our relatives that I am a horrible person (even though I’ve helped her).

How can we get her to understand that she should perhaps find another set of friends whose lives and interests align more closely with hers?”

Then came Dickinson’s response:

“First, let’s establish that I agree with your sister: You are a horrible person.”

“Obviously, you can do whatever you want and associate with — or exclude — whomever you want, but you don’t get to do this and also blame the person you are excluding for not ‘fitting in.’

The only way your sister would ever fit in would be for you to make room for her.

Perhaps this is something you could ponder from your church pew, because despite your regular attendance, you don’t seem to have learned much.”

And all I can say is:

Dear Amy,

Way to put that self-centered, narcissistic, mean girl, sad sister in her place! I value advice from people like you, who don’t sugar coat it, and tell it like it is.


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