Over 150 suspended at Duncanville, Tex. school for flouting dress code

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DUNCANVILLE, TX –  Over 150 students have been suspended for not following Duncanville High School’s dress code, which requires tucked-in collared shirts, long pants, and belts.

The principal says the policy is nothing new.

“We have dress code everyday, and we enforce the dress code everyday,” principal Andre Smith said.

So how bad did it get?

“We started running around, started busting through windows, started running through the hallways throwing trash at teachers,” suspended student George Robles said.

The fight isn’t over yet. Students tried to head to class Thursday morning in outfits that didn`t adhere to the policy.

And the school doesn’t seem ready to back down, either. They sent students away again for violating the policy.

“Supposedly dress code makes you learn better,” one student said. “But if it does make you learn better, why send them home? They’re not learning at all.”

You know, kid, you might just have a point there…

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