Pregnant Christian woman in Sudan must give up faith or her life

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KHARTOUM, SUDAN – While the world’s attention has been laser focused on the fate of those nearly 300 kidnapped school girls in Nigeria, the fate of one pregnant woman in Sudan has largely gone unnoticed.

Amnesty International says a court convicted a 27-year-old woman who is eight months pregnant on charges of apostasy and adultery for marrying a Christian man.

Meriam Ibrahim was raised as a Christian by her Ethiopian Orthodox mother, but her father was a Sudanese Muslim, and under Sudanese law, that makes her a Muslim.

The court in Khartoum declared that if the mother of one doesn’t give up her Christian faith, then she will give up her life by being beaten with a whip until she is dead.

In the past, the Sudanese government has waited until the child is weaned before killing the mother. If so, it may give western governments, international women’s groups, and maybe a selfie-taking celebrity or two, to save the life of a Christian mother facing death because of her faith and because of the man she loves.

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