Ringling Brothers receive settlement from animal rights groups

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VIENNA, VA – Step right up, for the Ringling Brothers Circus, which you can now attend without worrying about the safety of the animal stars.

At least according to a new legal settlement.

The Humane Society and other animals rights groups are shelling out nearly $16 million to Feld Entertainment, Ringling Brothers’ parent company.

This ends 14 years of litigation based on accusations that Ringling Brothers abuse their Asian elephants.

Animal lovers have targeted circuses like Ringling Brothers for years, but a U.S. district court put a damper on their protests by calling the case against Ringling Brothers “frivolous” and “groundless and unreasonable.”

Feld Entertainment released a statement praising the “dedicated men and women who care for the Ringling Brothers’ herd of 42 Asian elephants.”

Meanwhile, the Humane Society is urging Feld to use the money to protect endangered elephants.

Hey, now maybe we can turn our attention to Ringling Brothers’ treatment of their human stars.

Because their track record hasn’t exactly been stellar lately.

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