Surveillance video released of Jameis Winston stealing crab legs

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Florida State football star Jameis Winston’s arrest for stealing crab legs inspired hundreds of hilarious Photoshopped interpretations.

But now, we can show you the real thing, thanks to the Leon County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office, which released surveillance camera footage of the incident.

You can see Winston pick up over $30 in crab legs at the seafood counter, then casually stroll through the store, and right out the front door.

Now remember, Winston’s excuse was that he simply “forgot to pay” for the crab legs.

That would be the large packet of crab legs he’s holding in his hands as he walks out the door.

Apparently he suffered from temporary blindness as well.

The Heisman Trophy winner has settled his debt to society with 20 hours of community service and a two-game suspension from the FSU baseball team.

He also coughed up the $32 he “forgot” to pay the first time around.

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