YouTube sensation creates real, functioning Wolverine claws

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STAMFORD, UK – Sooner or later, you had to know this was coming. A former plumber gone YouTube sensation from the UK has finally created what every scifi-loving, comic book, techno-geeks has been dreaming of for years: real, functioning Wolverine claws. And it’s clear he’s happy about it.

The brains behind these dynamic, and clearly dangerous, claws is Colin Furze.

“It’s one of them things that really, you watch these videos, Superman, whatever, and you come out of the theater thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be cool to be able to do that,'” Furze told us over Skype. “And Wolverine’s claws, I’ve seen people attempt it in the past, but I don’t think anyone’s really nailed it.”

Within 24 hours of posting the video on YouTube, it already had nearly a million hits. But that’s nothing new to this guy. Colin has been building crazy gadgets for YouTube fans for years, including the jet-powered bicycle and the world’s fastest mobility scooter, clocking in at an amazing 70-miles-per-hour.

The YouTube success has earned the wack-a-doodle plumber enough money to quit his job and make crazy creations full time. And before you ask, no the Wolverine claws are not for sale. But he says he has something even bigger in store to show his YouTube fans next week.

“It’s kind of bizzare,” Furze says, trying not to give it away. “It’s more funny, because the claws are like, visually really impressive, this one’s probably got a little bit of a comedic approach to it, but it’s still pretty cool. Then the third one – you’re going to love the third one.” And by the way, we asked and believe it or not, captain crazy does have a girlfriend.

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