Donald Sterling refuses to pay NBA

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LOS ANGELES, CA – If you’ve been keeping up with Donald Sterling, then you know that since his racist comments were leaked online, he’s been banned from the NBA for life.

In addition to the lifetime ban, the NBA fined Sterling $2.5 million.

Now, somewhat predictably, the Los Angeles Clippers owner is refusing to pay up.

Sterling sent a letter to the NBA telling the league he won’t pay the fine and that he plans to sue the NBA if it doesn’t withdraw his punishments.

Sterling has denied being a racist even though his recorded conversation with his friend or mistress or whatever she is, V. Stiviano, suggests otherwise.

Should he take the league to court or just pay up? We’ll let you decide.

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  • Kim M.

    Sterling is not the only person that says and feels that way towards Black Americans. He just got caught by shooting his mouth off to the wrong person. He needs to pay up just for stupidity.

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