One dead in California wildfires, teens arrested

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SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA – The rage continues in San Diego county. Overnight wildfire flames turn fatal! firefighters found a burned body, at an encampment in Carlsbad.

With 16,000 homes evacuated, and more than 10,000 acres burned — flames are so furious, the smoke can be seen from Space!

Sophie Payne’s home was destroyed by the wildfires. She says, “It was absolutely gorgeous, and now it’s all gone. All gone. What can I say?”

Drought conditions mixed with high winds and temperatures topping 100 degrees, means fire tornadoes! For many in California, fire season may no longer be a seasonal thing.

“I think the common theme statewide this year is unprecedented number of fires and fire activity across the state. In many cases, two to three months earlier than normal,” says Ken Pimlott, director of the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection.

Cops arrested 19-year-old Isaiah Silva, and another teenager, after witnesses say they saw the teens setting small fires in Escondido. No word yet if the teens are linked to any of the wildfires in San Diego county.

The cost to fend off the flames across the country, is burning a hole in taxpayers pockets.

Headwaters Economics, a research group, says the U.S. spends about three billion dollars a year fighting wildfires.

With firefighters working around the clock, these guys could use a serious water break — rain, possibly?