Rookie Texans Trying to Make Favorable First Impressions

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The saying  of you only get one chance to make a first impression is particularly true when you are an NFL rookie trying to make the roster for the Houston Texans. It’s day two of three for Texans’ rookie mini-camp and it’s all business as these athletes try to impress the coaching staff.

Texans rookie linebacker Max Bullough says,  “My whole focus, everything that is in my mind is to do everything I got to do in the next half hour for the next meeting and to take notes in the meeting. Do whatever I have to do to be the best player I can be and give myself a shot. We are all here trying to make this team no matter how you got here, and that’s what I’m excited to be part of. I enjoy the competition and that’s something I’ve always loved.”

Rookie nose tackle Louis Nix adds,  “Hopefully I’ll be here for the long term, but I am just worried about what I have to do today and what I have to do in the next five minutes.”

While Jadeveoo Clowney has a lot of pressure being the top pick from this year’s NFL draft, others like Bullough and place kicker Chris Boswell have a different pressure they’re welcoming.

Boswell, who was kicking for Rice University last season, says: “It means a lot. It mean they believe in me to come in and compete everyday and work my tail off to make the team and they’re giving me the opportunity.”

Bullough adds, “Been learning a lot since we got here. Obviously just trying to pick up and learn the playbook, the new defense, getting to know the guys, teammates and coaches. I think that’s as big as anything when coming into a new place. Obviously learning the playbook and stuff is big but getting to know the guys around you, who plays next to you, who you play against and then the coaching staff obviously is new here and new to all of us.”

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien feels the rookies are grasping the team concepts quickly.

O’Brien says, “I think you can watch how a guy listens in the meeting and then how he applies it on the field and how he gets better from drill to drill and from 7-on-7 to the next 7-on-7 or from a team period to another team period. ”

There’s a steep learning curve for these rookies, and if they fail, they’ll know they didn’t take advantage of making that first impression.