AT&T-DirecTV merger could change entertainment landscape

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DALLAS, TX – Forget convenience, convergence is the word on everyone’s lips in the media world these days. Wireless giant AT&T announced plans to buy satellite super-provider, DirecTV for a whopping $48.5 billion. It’s a move that would bolster AT&T’s foothold in the TV and cable market and give DirecTV its first opening into the broadband internet business. And already, lawmakers are crying foul.

“There is a proper role for the Department of Justice to look at this as an anti-trust matter and for the FCC to look at this,” Minnesota Senator Al Franken says. “Is it in the public interest? I say no it isn’t in the public’s interest and yes this is a violation of anti-trust.”

The announcement comes on the heels of cable giant Comcast’s announced plan to buy competitor Time Warner Cable for some $45 billion big ones. The deals still needs regulatory approval, but if both pass the smell test, the result would be two media mega-giants controlling the lion’s-share of cable and internet services in America. And what do customer’s have to say about that?

“When you have two people monopolizing the business, I don’t know, I don’t know that the prices will necessarily go down and I don’t know that necessarily we’ll benefit from that,” Houstonian Tod Edwards says.

“I see me going to Apple TV,” Loren Fournoux says. “I only see it getting worse.”

Whichever way this one goes, you can bet you’ll feel the difference in your cable bill. Netflix anyone?