Boko Haram sends letter threatening to abduct boys

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MAKURDI, NIGERIA – Nigeria’s Boko Haram terrorists, the thugs who kidnap young girls in the dead of night, now seem to like young boys as well.

Reports coming out of Nigeria say Boko Haram sent a letter written in really bad English to the Government Boys School in Makurdi, threatening another kidnapping in a few days.

This time, the plan, apparently, is to marry the kidnapped girls to the kidnapped boys.

Meantime, the international search continues for the nearly 300 girls taken more than a month ago in a murderous and fiery attack on their school.

Kano is the latest Nigerian city hit by Boko Haram, a suicide car bombing in a predominantly Christian section of the city, killing five people including a 12-year-old girl.

But some Nigerians are fighting back. Residents in three northeast Nigerian villages beat back an attack and killed more than 200 Boko Haram terrorists, something Nigeria’s government can’t, or won’t do.

Terrorists are like any other varmint. You don’t let them in the door, and you take care of them quickly as you can.

Otherwise, they take over the place, and there’s no getting rid of them.