Doctors reattach teen’s severed arm after pasta machine accident

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MESSENA, NY – For those who love pasta, get ready to lose your appetite!

An upstate New York teen just had his arm reattached to his body, after his limb got caught inside a pasta-making machine and was severed. Guess he learned the hard way that you can’t make elbow macaroni with real elbows!

17-year-old Brett Bouchard had the accident last month at Violi’s Italian Restaurant in Massena, New York. The teen was really putting himself into his work of cleaning the industrial sized pasta maker when the machine got accidentally activated. Oops!

Brett (and his detached arm) were airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital, where bean-town doctors miraculously sewed him back together again.

Now three weeks, and four surgeries later, Brett is able to move his right arm again. Doctors are confident the teen will regain full use and senses to his arm, after he undergoes a few more surgeries to transfer new muscles to his hand.

Let’s hope in the future, he employs a more hands-off approach when it comes to his job.