Lock-ins: A safer alternative to after prom parties

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HOUSTON, TX – Keeping kids safe at prom is a hot topic after the tragic news that a MacArthur High School student was found dead in a hotel room following her prom.

“Anytime you hear about someone losing their baby, it just is horrible. I can’t even imagine how you get through that,” said Darcy Creswell, mom of a Morton Ranch senior.

Loryn Vogan, a Morton Ranch student said, “I don’t feel like we should be left alone at a hotel. There’s no adult supervision and we are still kids.”

Rather than taking a chance, there is an alternative many high schools are turning to – after prom lock-ins.

“You’re locked in the whole time, safe, there was so much to do, so many activities. Play games all night, you can win prizes,” said Vogan.

“I think it’s a great alternative to staying at a hotel,” says Tobin Creswell, a Morton Ranch student. “You have fun, you have all kinds of activities that you can participate in, you have bowling, we had games.”

All supervised.

“There were enough parents there to kind of keep watch if there was any kind of little alcove or whatever, and there was a skillion things for them to do, they had the whole run of Dave and Busters,” said Darcy Creswell.

Re-thinking prom after parties maybe the safest thing to do!