Meet the Stink Fightin’ Entrepreneur Behind Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

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She’s a stink-fightin’ entrepreneur Suzy Batiz. Six years ago she blew the lid off a taboo topic, embarrassing bathroom odor. And built a company on a foundation of “poo”, by creating a before-you-go toilet spray. Her two sons and hubby were her “ins-poo-ration”.

After nine months off playing around with essential oils, Batiz created Poo-Pourri.

Here’s how it works. You spray the Poo-Pourri on the surface and then you do your business. The oils trap the stink.

Not only is the product effective, so is the humor used to sell it. Because let’s face it, no one wants to talk number two.

From the names of the products; “Royal Flush”, “Trap-a-Crap”, and “Poo-Tonium”, to the clever videos starring the prim and proper, Bethany Woodruff, you’ll laugh your tush off.

Suzy may sell for and talk about #2, but when it comes to a smart and clever entrepreneur she’s #1 in my book.

You can get your own Poo-Pourri here.

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