Scientists uncover the oldest sample of semen in the world

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RIVERSLEIGH, AUSTRALIA – A quickie that lasted forever. A research team including scientists from the University of New South Wales in Australia uncovered the oldest sample of sperm in the world.

We’re talking about an extinct 17-million-year-old female shrimp-like creature, called an ostracod, with fossilized sperm cells inside its sex organs. Holy science: what a night it must have been!

The sexy fossils were discovered in a cave – what else is new – in northwestern Queensland; a site where Australian paleontologists have found all sorts of prehistoric animals. The remains were unearthed back in 1988, but only now observers realized that they contained fossilized soft tissues.

This discovery might help further understand life back then, and also what it took for that semen to stay so well-preserved. Amazing: this is how an old shrimp’s 7 minutes in heaven turns into 15 minutes of fame.