Study says dog kisses bring all sorts of bacteria to your mouth

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Do you let your happy puppy lick your mouth? But just for the record: have you ever considered what that doggy was licking right before kissing your lips? We’ll tell you: researchers at Nova Southeastern University tested samples of canine saliva and found all sorts of bacteria and a zoo of microbes. Yummy!

“Their mouths are loaded with bacteria,” said Kari Wilson, Manager at Palm to Paws Veterinary Clinic. “The myth is that their mouths are cleaner than ours, but it’s not true.”

Some of those bugs were linked to STD’s, pneumonia and plaque. But the good news is that bacteria doesn’t stay in a dog’s mouth for long.  Although, some disagree with that conclusion.

“The bacteria in their mouths is going to stay,” explained Wilson, “and that’s what leads to their periodontal disease.”

So now you know: next time you want to French-kiss your pooch, make sure she brushed her teeth.