Competitive eater smashes world record at Gyro Eating Championship

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HOUSTON, TX – The best competitive eaters in the world came to Houston for the Niko’s Niko’s Gyro Eating Championship. It’s all part of the Greekfest celebration.

“Every time we take the stage, you know it’s just a bunch of major league eaters who are hanging out and are good friends and stuff , but once we hit the stage , it’s all out war,” says competitive eater Alex “Moose” Perez.

The rules for the competition are pretty simple: eat as many gyros as you can in just 10 minutes. A gyro consists of pita bread filled with lamb meat, tomatoes, lettuce and onions along with a yogurt-based tzatziki sauce. Last year’s winner was Joey Chestnut who is ranked as the top ranked competitive eater in the world. He set the world record of 22 and a quarter gyros in last year’s competition and this year would prove to be just as intense.

“With a new world record of 24 Niko’s Niko’s gyros in 10 minutes is Matthew “The Megatoad” Stonie!” exclaimed the public announcer at the event.

“Joey Chestnut is the best in the world,” says Stonie. “To beat him is the most rewarding thing ever, so getting the record is just the cherry on top.”

Chestnut adds, “It mean next year I’m going to come back and I’m going to be hungrier. That will give me reason to be even hungrier and work better than this year.”