Father, son allegedly sold cocaine out of pizzeria

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MOLINE, IL -You know what they say; like father like son. A family business in Moline, Illinois turned bad after police accused a father and son of selling cocaine out of their pizzeria. Talk about washing down your piece of pizza with a little coke.

Cops claim 44-year-old David Curtner and his son, 22-year-old David “Junior” were selling cocaine from their restaurant, Adriana’s Pizzeria. Drug agents who cased the pizza joint for months noticed a lot of foot traffic going in and out of the eatery and neighboring bars, by people that didn’t look particularly hungry. They were seen visiting the pizzeria without buying any pizza.

Investigators describe the dad and junior as mid-level drug dealers who sold snort from their pizza shop for the last two to three years. Police say they were tipped off about the illegal menu items by neighboring stores. The father and son are being held behind bars, charged with manufactured delivery of a controlled substance. They made pizza together, now they might go to prison together, ’cause blowing on a hot slice is legal but selling blow from your pizzeria is not.