Moms Demand Action to change gun sign laws

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HOUSTON, TX – Ever see the signs – “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service!’? simple enough to get the point across; but in Texas if you want to put up a sign that says “No guns!” it isn’t so simple.

“It has to be exactly this sign. Which is eye catching for all the wrong reasons. It has to have exactly these words, be exactly this size of lettering it has to fit exactly these requirements,” said Alexandra Chasse with Moms Demand Action, owner of the 3 foot by 4 foot sign.

If it isn’t, the business is found non-compliant, causing many gun owners to ignore the signs; or give them a legal out to disobey them.

Businesses would rather use their window or wall space for something that is a bit less of an eyesore.

Some believe the law is intentionally complicated in order to prevent business owners from stopping guns being carried in.

Mike Binns of Fioza Cafe said, “The only down side is the size of it. I’ve seen the size of the sign, it’s enormous, but I have no problem putting a sign up in our window.”

Moms Demand Action is an organization that wants to make signs smaller and simpler for establishments and their patrons.

“We are calling on the Texas legislature to have a simple sign that is business friendly and small enough for businesses to put up, that they can exercise the rights of business owners,” according to Kellye Burke of Moms Demand Action.

This, while some customers would like to know if concealed weapons are allowed, so they can make informed decisions whether they will enter or not.

Dianna Barker was shot at a restaurant when another diner’s pistol fell out of a pocket and accidentally went off. She said, “The signage is far too complicated. Small business owner don’ t have room to put a sign that size in their window.”

Texans are smart enough to understand – No Guns Allowed. At least it should be simple enough for all to see.

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  • DiamondMom

    First of all…where did they get the info on the size of the sign??? It doesn't have to be 3' x 4'. It does have to have 1" lettering in both English and Spanish with exact wording. Second… Tx is on the verge of going open carry. Good luck getting the republican controlled legislature to change the signs. Third…why does the author make it sound like its a done deal?

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