Rick Perry sends letter to Obama criticizing energy plan

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AUSTIN, TX – It’s no surprise Governor Rick Perry is not a fan of President Obama’s energy policies. His most recent slam to the Obama Administration came in the form of a letter.

It’s pages upon pages of Perry arguing that the administration is standing in the way of domestic fossil fuel production and waging a war on coal.

Perry also slammed EPA regulations and the lack of movement on whether to build a the Keystone Pipeline to carry crude oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries.

Since everything is bigger in Texas, Perry made sure to tout the state’s economy and what he called sound environmental regulations.

Texas is pumping more than twice the oil it did three years ago, accounting for more than a third of all domestic production, even as production surges elsewhere in the country.

He encouraged the president to follow the Texas example.

Funny, he didn’t include anything about a state report which found that airborne releases of volatile organic compounds in south Texas’ eagle ford shale could increase 281%.

Perspective is everything, isn’t it?

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