Robbery in NW Houston Family Dollar leads to SWAT standoff

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HOUSTON, TX – Robbed at gunpoint! Tense times for employees at a Family Dollar in northwest Houston.

According to the store manager, at Kuykendahl and Ella, right as she was locking the door to close up shop, with the last customer on the way out, two men wearing masks stormed in and demanded money. Two employees ran to the back of the store, locked themselves in a room, then called the cops. One of the robbers shot at the employees, but no one was hit.

Harris County Sheriffs were under the impression there was a hostage situation going on, so the SWAT team was sent.

Deputy Thomas Gilliland said, “We have to assume always that we have armed suspects inside and we treat the incident from the beginning as that.”

After about a two-hour stand-off at the store, the SWAT team headed inside to discover the robbers were long gone.

Seems the robbers live life in the fast lane, they were quick enough get away before the SWAT team showed up, but just too fast for the cash.

They couldn’t get the register open so they settled for a customer’s cell phone and wallet, instead. All that trouble for a small haul and lots of anxious moments for the employees.