Snowden considering returning to US under certain conditions

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HAMBURG, GERMANY –  Eddie “The Snowman” Snowden is back in the news for a couple of reasons.

Germany’s Der Spiegel reports that the guy who stole 1.7 million secret documents from Uncle Sam, may be thinking about returning to the United States.

Wolfgang Kaleck, The Snowman’s attorney, said Eddie is considering a return to America under certain conditions.

Kaleck is also seeing if Germany will allow The Snowman to head to Deutschland first to testify there about why he did what he did while working at the National Security Agency.

There’s a chance the snowman may show up at next year’s Comicpalooza in Houston. But, you say, that’s only for super heroes and other two-dimensional comic book characters.

Yes, it is, and yes, he is. Bluewater Productions has put out the graphic novel: beyond Edward Snowden.

The biography looks at why The Snowman decided to take a million or so leaks on Uncle Sam.

It’s also supposed to show us a side of The Snowman we haven’t seen. Let’s hope it’s not his backside we get to see in this back story.