Thousands of rotting fish litter Seabrook shores

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SEABROOK, TX – There’s something fishy going on in Seabrook. And whatever is causing it, does’t pass the smell test.

Folks hoping for a little sea-side r&r this Memorial day got more than their noses bargained for: thousands of dead fish washed ashore and rotting in Galveston bay. So many, in fact, that parts of the water are completely covered. And if the smell wasn’t bad enough, there’s this: thousands of maggotts, bloated and festering, feeding on the rotten haul. And as best as we can tell this holiday weekend, no plans to clean up the stink.

“You come fishing, you’re going to smell fish, “vacationer Ruben Garcia says, “just not like this, though.”

Nonetheless, folks braved the stench in favor of a day at the beach.

“It doesn’t bother us,” Bob Ware says, “no worse than the sewer plant across the way.”

Oh boy! When someone puts it that way, it sounds like a holiday weekend we could all enjoy.