Video purports to show bomb blow up at Syrian terrorist party

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SOMEWHERE IN SYRIA – You know what Lennon said about instant karma and how it’s gonna get you and knock you right in the head.

Every day some knucklehead proves that karma, indeed, is a, well, you know what it is. We hate to laugh for fear that karma may knock us right in the head.

But if this video quickly making the rounds is real, then maybe it’s okay to have a few laughs.

These guys are supposed to be Takfiri terrorists, based out of Syria. They apparently were holding some kind of jihad party, but they forgot rule #1: don’t bring a live bomb to a party.

We can only assume these numbskulls were planning to blow up something or someone when a big ol’ dose of instant karma jumped up and knocked them right in the head.

This shows that karma may not be so bad after all.