David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick face off for Lt. Governors race

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s been nothing short of a fist-fight between Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and State Senator Dan Patrick. With a primary race too close to call back in March, the Republican lawmakers have been fighting tooth-and-nail to win their party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor in a runoff election, and today is the day. After months of slinging mud, the ball is in the voter’s hands.

“I know we’ve got more Dewhurst voters in the state of Texas,” Dewhurst said during a rainy stop in Houston this morning, “so really, it depends on whether or not they’re willing to get outside and stand in the rain.”

And if the rain wasn’t enough to keep voters from the polls, the mud being slung back and forth in this race may be. Negative ads and attack campaigns have been the highlight of this race since the word go.

“We haven’t run one ad against him,” Senator Patrick told us over the phone. “We’ve talked about issues and we’ve talked about leadership, I mean, that’s fair game, but we don’t attack people personally, especially for things thirty and forty years old, it’s ridiculous, people don’t like it, it’s a turnoff.”

“We’ve run a campaign that’s a positive campaign telling people about our opponent,” Dewhurst counters. “And with 21 positive spots. I’m disappointed that our opponent has exclusively said untrue things about me.”

Despite the mud, the rain and all the hot air, plenty of folks still turned out at the polls. The question is who will be left high and dry when the storm moves on.

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