Man accused of writing N-word on Red Lobster receipt sues for $1 million

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FRANKLIN, TN – Remember Toni Jenkins, the Tennessee Red Lobster waitress who thought she hit the big time after a customer wrote on his take-out receipt that he had no tip for an “N-word”?

Well, Toni became an overnight sensation, appearing on news shows and even receiving more than $10,000 from people who chipped in on a online fundraiser.

Now it turns out that Toni and Red Lobster may be in hot water. The guy she fingered as a racist says he and his wife hired a handwriting expert who cleared both of them. Now, Devin Barnes plans to sue Toni and Red Lobster for $1 million.

Barnes says posting the receipt on Facebook was slander and a violation of his private credit card information.

Toni’s fifteen minutes of fame could turn out to be more expensive than she ever dreamed.

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