NY releases Youth Sexual Health Plan because of high rate of STDs

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ALBANY, NY – As if going through high school isn’t bad enough for teenagers, now there’s a report out of the state of New York that says kids there are in a whole lot of need for some serious sex education.

The state’s first Youth Sexual Health Plan says 60% of New York high school students have had sex by the time they hit their senior year, and one in four reported having sex before high school.

The report also found that by the time sexually active people reach the age of 25 in New York state, half of them will have some kind of STD. Two thirds of them have chlamydia, the most common STD. One of three people between the ages of 15 and 25 has gonorrhea. And one in every five new HIV case is for someone under the age of 25.

All this is probably because only 7% of sexually active students admitted to using condoms.

The state suggests starting sex education classes in elementary school, and starting mandatory HIV tests at age 13.

Something probably should be done, because even though sex and kids go hand-in-hand, sex and death should not.

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