Guy Will Marry You for Your Nice Apartment in a Craigslist Proposal

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So you’re single in the city, struggling to pay that sky high rent for your little shoebox apartment. What to do?

Well, one guy in D.C. has the perfect answer, “The Rent is TOO HIGH! Solution, let’s get married!”

At least that’s the name of his Craigslist ad. (Oh you know this is going to be good if a Craigslist ad is involved)

He describes himself as “a 30 yo male. Employed. Reasonably attractive. Healthy. Never married. No kids. Good job. Great hygiene. Bonus: I’m a cuddler!”

And his future roomie/wifey is: “A female between the ages of 26 and 33. Social drinker. Nonsmoker. No drugs. Good hygiene. No felony charges. Healthy.”

He says that dating and getting married is expensive and time consuming. So suggests you just skip ahead to the living together part.

“We find a one bedroom in a great apartment building with granite counter tops, rude 24hr concierge, and floor-to-ceiling windows. This is a must! We move in together. Enjoy the amenities. Have friends over. Enjoy life.”

Oh but there are some prereqs: “You must love live music, books, crazy wild sex, good wine, and be willing to try out my (often misguided) attempts at cooking.”

And one important thing you cannot be a Republican.

Well, as romantic as this wedding proposal is, and as much as I’d love to save on rent, I have to say if I were a single girl living in D.C. I’d have to decline. I mean he’s pretty smooth and bonus points for not misspelling anything on Craigslist, but let’s be real, he’s not looking for a wifey, he’s looking for a roomie with sexual benefits. But, here’s the sad thing. Some desperate woman, who is looking for a lifelong roommate will probably say yes. I’d be curious to see how long this “lease on life” will last.

I wonder if a housewarming gift will count as a wedding gift as well.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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