Oregon man holds breath, faints, causes accident

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MANNING, OR – Some superstitions are weird, others, like making a wish while you;re driving through a tunnel and holding your breath, are just plain stupid!

Daniel Calhoon is proof. The 19-year-old from Washington State was driving through a tunnel in Manning, Oregon when he decided to hold his breath and make a wish. If his wish was to make it out of the tunnel safely, it didn’t come true. Calhoon fainted, crossed the center line and crashed head on into a Ford Explorer with 2 passengers.

Amazingly, no one died, though Calhoon, his passenger Bradley Meyring and the two people in the Explorer all got to take the express route to the hospital.

“He has a collapsed lung. So it sounds like the seat-belt obviously saved him; which it’s good he was wearing that otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be here,” says Vance Meyring, the victim’s brother.

Cops ticketed him for reckless driving, 3 counts of reckless endangerment and 4th degree assault. If he has any hopes of getting out of this, well, let’s hope he’s not holding his breath.