‘Weed Fairy’ keeps spirits high all over Seattle

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SEATTLE, WA – Fairy tale sprites are known to sprinkle magical pixie dust to brighten people’s day. But there’s a self-proclaimed fairy who knows of another way to spread good cheer and no, it’s got nothing to do with magic. She gives out marijuana! By posting fliers around the Seattle area, this “Weed Fairy” is all about sharing the love, by spreading the bud.

Her name is Yeni Sleidi, but goes by her Twitter name “Danksy Appleweed” on the fliers. Her signs offer free pot for the taking. But not everybody is high on the idea.

Because of her generosity, Appleweed’s comments and retweets are spreading like wild-fire on social media, and leaving a trail of smoke in her path. This native Californian gave away pot a few months ago in New York City, where weed is illegal. Appleweed got so much positive feedback, that she decided to hit another city.

But if this Tinkerbell decides to spread her stash here in Texas, for as little as 2 oz. or less of pot she could face penalties of up to 180 days in jail and fines of $2000.

When it comes to marijuana, don’t mess with Texas!

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