Cookies promise to give you bigger boobs

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TOKYO, JAPAN – Okay ladies, just between us, are you one of those petite types who’s worried about, you know, “underwhelming” the man in your life? Feel like you could use a little more flop up top? There’s surgery for that. Or you could go ‘au naturale’ with the latest herbal supplement guaranteed to grow your goodies to gargantuan girth.

A company in Japan is offering a special brand of cookies they say will enlarge your breasts if eaten every day. They’re called F-Cup Cookies, and yes, folks are buying them.

According to the manufacturer, the cookies take advantage of a natural plant extract found only in northern Thailand that contains estrogen. The idea is that adding estrogen to your diet will, well, you know.

But some folks aren’t so sure.

“I wouldn’t buy it,” Houstonian Piasha Vantho said. “I don’t know who would, but I guess there’s some people that believe it and they buy it, but I wouldn’t.”

If cookies aren’t your thing, the company offers chewing gum that’s supposed to do the same thing. But hey ladies, just so you know, we love you just the way you are.

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