Fifty Shades of Grey fingered for rise in STDs in people over 50

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LONDON, ENGLAND – You could call it the “Over” Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The steamy, bondage and submission books that have caused women to boldly go where no man has gone before, may also be causing a rise in sexually transmitted diseases among the 50 and older group.

The head of the British Medical Association’s GP Committee says older couples may be getting their freak on more because of the books, but they’re also not practicing safe sex.

Christine Jones says we spend a lot of time educating younger people about the need to use condoms and to practice other forms of safe sex, but everyone thinks older people either aren’t having sex, or already know how to do it safely.

Apparently, the frisky fifties crowd is having plenty of freaky sex, they just don’t want any restraints, or at least the kind that help to prevent the spread of STDs.

So hey, next time you talk to mom and dad about how they should practice safe sex, just warn them that they could be punished for not minding.

On second thought, that may not be such a good idea.

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