Human suspended animation trials to begin

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PITTSBURGH, PA – Have we reached a time where the premise of super-hero movies could become reality?

Perhaps Mr. Freeze, from Batman Forever, sparked the idea, but doctors at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh are attempting to save 10 patients’ lives by putting them in “suspended animation,” hoping to buy time for the stabbing and gunshot wound victims.

The patients bodies, neither dead or alive, will be cooled to about 50-degrees Ferenheit (or 10 degrees Celcius) allowing cells to survive with less oxygen, and replacing the victims’ blood with saline.

Doctors hope that while the bodies are in this state, they’ll be able to fix the “structural problems” caused by the blade or bullet.

It seems impossible, but trials are set to begin later this month and surgeons are prepped and ready to take on the challenge.

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