Nebraska woman sets steak eating record in Texas

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AMARILLO, TX – Meet Molly Schuyler from Nebraska. Or maybe that should be “meat” Molly Schulyer, which in her case is saying a mouthful, literally.

You see, Molly is a competitive eater, and from the looks of things, she’s pretty darn good at cleaning her plate. Or tray.

So of course Molly had to come to Texas to steak her claim.

The Big Texan restaurant says you get a free 72-ounce steak dinner, complete with fixin’s and a drink, if you eat it in an hour.

What girl could turn down an offer like that? Not Molly, that’s for sure.

With folks a-watchin’ and the clock a-tickin’ , Molly set out to prove she can run, and eat, with the big boys.

The first steak was history after three-and-a-half minutes, a world record.

When shoveling food, only a shovel, or your hands, will do, and Big Texan doesn’t provide shovels.

The second steak took a bit longer, but she gnawed it down the gristle, which was good enough. She spent the rest of the time polishing off the roll and drink.

This is one person you don’t want to invite over for finger food, unless it’s chicken fingers, and a whole lot of ’em.


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