Top Google searches in the US

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SEATTLE, WA – Would you be embarrassed if everyone in the country knew your Google search’s auto-fill? It’s a bit late for that.

The property firm, Estately, followed Google trends to find out what are the top Google searches in each state.

From back shaving to butt implants, two of the country’s top Internet searches, there’s no telling what else cures the curiosity when it comes to Google searches.

Back shaving was the top search in Pennsylvania. Are they really as hairy as Bigfoot? Just ask people who live in Idaho. Yep, you guessed it; they’ve got Bigfoot on the brain.

Can you guess which state had the distinction of sniffing glue for its top Google search? New York!

That may not be news to some, but what do people in Delaware think of it all?

Apparently not much. They’re top Google search is Delaware.

Some might ask, ‘what do Connecticut residents have in common with Wu-Tang Clan?’ Apparently they’re all wondering.

People in Georgia are searching butt implants. Hmm, maybe they’re preparing to get twerking lessons from folks in Mississippi.

Apparently, everything is bigger in Texas, including our curiosity. Estately found that Texans’ top search was a question ‘Do I have herpes?’

Let’s just leave it at that. If the Internet isn’t invasive already, this may be your cue to clear out those search engines.

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