Aggie on Craigslist wants to trade a flash for FPSF ticket

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HOUSTON, TX – Ladies, if you can’t afford a ticket to Free Press Summer Fest this weekend, one Texas Aggie has you covered, or uncovered, depends how you look at it.

The guy calls himself “Jake” and he says he’ll give you a ticket – if you give him a peek!

The 22 year-old’s Craigslist ad might sound familiar. A similar proposition was made for Houston Rodeo Cook-Off tickets back in February, also on Craigslist.

Whether or not this is even legal, Jake’s not too worried. He says in his email to NewsFix, “If the local police want to target a college kid who just wants to see a pair of… That says a lot about the competency and priorities of our police force.”

Well ain’t that some sass. As of this morning, Jake had received 3 honest inquiries regarding his offer. He totally intends on collecting, and then he says he’s looking forward to seeing the Ying Yang Twins at Summer Fest. Yeah, we’re guessing those aren’t the only twins he’s looking forward to.