Edible Mist Machine lets you taste food without the calories

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BRISTOL, ENGLAND – Don’t let your diet get you down. Just suck it! A crazy contraption from the U.K. is supposed to let you taste your favorite foods by sucking down their vapors through a straw, all without actually eating anything! Talk about “taste great, less filling!”

Looking like a modern version of Willie Wonka; ice cream maker, inventor and founder of Lick Me I’m Delicious, Charlie Harry serves up his latest creation, which some might find a little hard to swallow. Called the Edible Mist Machine, its mad scientist says it can emit 200 different, succulent vapors for your enjoyment. From lobster and bacon, to chocolate, apple pie and much, much more. Just sip on the mist, swirl it around in your mouth and satisfy the craving of all your guilty pleasures, without the calories!

Sort of like a super-size e-cig, just bigger and a heck of a lot more expensive, the Edible Mist Machine will run you about $8,400 bucks plus shipping, and then we assume you have to buy the flavors to boot. We don’t know if this device can help you lose weight, but it sounds like it will definitely shrink your wallet!